Welcome to the One Love Miami Photography website! I hope that you enjoy my images! I have been driven by music my entire life and love to photograph musical events and dance of all forms. Everything from Whirling Dervishes to Burlesque to Carnival Mas. I setup this website to display some of the 20+ years of images of Miami's annual Trinidad-Tobago style Carnival -- I just love the soca/calypso so! -- and other important events like Nelson Mandela's visit to Miami Beach.
I also love fashion & fantasy & politics. Carnival has such wonderful music, the wildest costumes, and reams of fashion. Get behind the big truck and see it live! Some of the photos may be fairly old but have never seen the light of the web. Enjoy! -- Tom Fleming (View my earlier Wallflower Gallery photos at the WG photography page.)

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Miami Carnival Launch 2014

Miami Broward One Carnival Launch was held at a new venue this year: the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds. The venue is great & is expected to host carnival events for the next three years. At the Launch on July 19th, a number of bands displayed wonderful costumes for the Carnival Parade on Sunday, October 12th. Launch is always a fun event where you can get a first glimpse of new costumes. View a slideshow of the 189 photographs that I took that night.

Miami Broward Carnival

Miami Broward One Carnival Launch 2013 was held at Sun Life Stadium on July 20. At the Launch, bands displayed costumes for the upcoming Carnival Parade on Sunday, October 13th. All of the models were both beautiful & energetic. View a slideshow of the 215 photographs that I took at the event.

Carnival Launch 2012

The slideshow contains 167 photographs that I took of the Miami Broward Carnival Launch 2012, held at Hialeah Racetrack on September 8th. I unfortunately missed a number of costumes due to a problem with my flash, compounded by being way back behind the security barricades. Also, I shot some short video snippets that also prevented me from taking still shots. But, I liked all of the events held at Hialeah. Great live steelpan & beautiful costumes & soca DJ; who could ask for more?

Audio Video Disco Concert

Yes, it really was a great night for music! These four women were in a great mood & put on a tremendous show. Unfortunately, the band broke up & I am not even sure if any of them still play publicly. Watch this space I guess. In any case, that night they were really special & shone like true rock stars! View the slideshow containing the 26 images from that night.

Medical Marijuana Benefit 2013

The html-gallery has 309 pictures of the over 30+ musicians, dancers, poets, speakers, and jugglers who performed at the 15th annual benefit by Ploppy Palace Productions.

Carnival 2019 Ad

Miami Broward One Carnival is the best thing that happens every Columbus Day Weekend in Miami! Click on the ad to see the latest news.

Over 10,000 masqueraders are expected to attend the Parade of the Bands at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds. The Kings, Queens, Individuals, and Panorama will take place at Central Broward Regional Park. #MiamiCarnival

9th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit

239 photographs from the 19th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert in March 2017 at Wynwood Yard.

9th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit

208 images from the 9th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit Concert on September 18, 2016 at Gramps in Wynwood.

18th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit

I captured 258 images at the 18th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert on February 6, 2016 at Gramps in Wynwood.

2012 Kings & Queens Show

Please enjoy pictures of the 8th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit in Sept 2015 at Gramps!

2012 Kings & Queens Show

The Kings & Queens Show is always great because you get to see the largest, most elaborate costumes in a setting where they shine! The show was held at Central Broward Regional Park last year, just like it is this year. Carnival Village offered protection for the crowd against the rain that never came so the night was wonderful. The costumes were fantastic & were well displayed on the road that night! Please enjoy a slideshow of 151 photographs that I shot.

Wallflower Gallery Last Show

The Wallflower Gallery had its last show on May 1, 2010. It was an all-day event with lots of bands & other performers. The slideshow contains seven photos of the beautiful Elvizia accompanied on guitar by Carl Ferrari. Both performers & staff wore sunglasses in honor of the Flash! You can expect more previously unpublished photos from the vaults of the WG in the future.

Shameless Burlesque

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely ladies of Shameless Burlesque as they celebrated three years of performing together at the Purdy Lounge that night. Pictured are Sofia Luna, Morgan La Rue, & Ember Furie. But you can see the entire troupe in the slideshow including Holly Peño, Angela Eve, Aurora Natrix, Mia Minx, Host Nictor/Nictoria, Juggler Pablo Paniagua, Guitarist Don Corsean and others. The 124 photos were my attempt to capture the night: it was fun & entertaining: lots of laughter & spanking. You should see these talented ladies live! Check out the Shameless Burlesque website for more!

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Isn't it strange how princesses and kings,
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-- "A Bag Of Tools" (poem) by R. L. Sharpe via
"Book of Rules" (song) by the Heptones
as misheard by me